This workshop is part of ICWSM. What is ICWSM?

ICWSM stands for the International Conference on Web and Social Media. ICWSM is the premier–and oldest–scientific conference dedicated exclusively to the topic of social media (originally the “W” stood for “Weblog”). ICWSM was founded in order to bring together researchers from both the technical and social domains, as well as both academics and practitioners. Past meetings have included computer scientists, sociologists, artists, mathematicians, and various industry professionals. ICWSM is a research conference intended for the presentation of original research on social media and for discussions about how to conduct research on social media. It is collectively organized by the researchers themselves under the auspices of a non-profit organization.

Past ICWSM conferences have featured the debut of important social media analysis software like Gephi, research and keynote addresses by danah boyd, Manuel Castells, Lada Adamic, David Lazer, Fernanda Viegas, Martin Wattenberg, Duncan Watts, and Alice Marwick, and important new work and ideas about social media like the million follower fallacy.

For more information about ICWSM, see the Web site:  http://www.icwsm.org/2015/index.php

Do I have to register for the ICWSM conference in order to attend this workshop?

Yes. This workshop is part of the ICWSM conference. You must complete the conference registration form and select this workshop on the tab for “Workshops”.  See:


Do I have to pay the ICWSM conference fee to attend this workshop?

Yes. However, if you are a journalist reporting on the workshop or you are in a situation where you have limited resources and cannot afford the fee, scholarships/fee waivers have been made available by ICWSM.  To apply, send an explanation of your situation via e-mail to “algo.audits@gmail.com”.

Do I have to submit a proposal in order to attend this workshop?

No, you may attend without submitting a proposal by registering as a workshop attendee at http://www.icwsm.org/2015/attending/registration/ and selecting this workshop on the tab for “Workshops”.

If my proposal is accepted, do I also have to register for the workshop?


If my proposal is accepted, do I have to pay the fee?


Will the proceedings of this workshop be published?

No. This is an experimental interactive workshop. To publish research about social media, please consider submitting a paper to ICWSM in the future via the normal paper process.

What is the acceptance rate?

ICWSM is a selective conference with a research paper acceptance rate of 19% in 2015. However this event is an experimental, one-time-only workshop, so it is not possible to say how many proposals we will receive or how selective we will be. The workshop will be developed based on the materials that we receive.

Is this a full-day or half-day workshop?

Half day.

Is this a morning or afternoon workshop?



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